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The Moods Project

working moods project The Moods Project started after I noticed myself saying a lot "pics or it didn't happen" so the idea was obvious: make a drawing, based on my free clipart images, to illustrate this classic line and then just pass a link to it. Obviously, as everything I do, it had to be Free and shared with the world. The next logical step was to develop it by adding additional mood images, which is a never-ending work, fuelled by own mood but also by the feedback received and the usage level, so use the images and it will be an incentive for me to add more.


video It sounds pretentious to say I got into video editing, but I started play with this: bought a small camera, learned a bit about editing under Linux and started putting crap on the net.
For now I publish a couple of content types: videos from local FLOSS events and views from the city.

Graphic tutorials (Inkscape and GIMP) in the Romanian language

tutoriale Do you enjoy my graphic tutorials but are unhappy about them being written in English?
For all the Romanian people around there I have some good news: the tutorials now have a Romanian translation.
They follow closely the English original so you won't miss anything.

RPG Cliart

rpg Passionate about games, fantasy, RPG, strategies and so on?
I landed a pack of fantasy themed RPG map elements as part of my clipart gallery.
The images are released as Public Domain and available in SVG format (so with full sources).
If you feel like killing some orcs, developing a [preferably FOSS] game or just making a pen and paper map they might be useful.

Tutorials, Howtos and Tricks

howto" I launched another section of the site, dedicated to tutorials, howtos and tricks:
There are mostly lessons for GIMP, Inkscape and
Sometime the lessons involve more than one application, as for really complex works you may need both raster (GIMP) and vector (Inkscape) graphics.
There are mostly old articles, but I plan to add more new ones.

Translated Articles

working I post in my blog usually in English.
Recently I wrote a couple of articles of interest mostly for Romanians, so probably is a good idea to have a copy translated into Romanian in a special section of the site dedicated to articles in Romanian language.

Fedora wallpapers and general artwork

fedora As part of my masterplan of taking over the world, I did some Fedora related graphics, for which I feel an urge to promote on every possible channel. I am not number one in a Google search for those items, but generally my page is ranked over the official ones from Rad Hat or Fedoraproject: All of them are part of myFedora pages. Muhahaha!!!

Playing cards

working Made a bunch of cards, so far one big design with four alternate themes.
Also available are some backs.


t-shirt How about this:
Print some personalized t-shirts!
see here...

Several flavours offered:

Cartoons all the way

Cartoon I will tell you my master plan:
To rule the world using cartoons!!!
Say: am I crazy enough?
go there.

It's about the time to unveil the misterious Faces project

Otto The Drunken Seagull

OOo Otto is drunk, Otto is nasty and we have several pictures of it.
the full gallery.
If you wonder who the f*ck is Otto? a short explanation: the proposed mascot for OOoEdu

High society

life Yes, this is me in the high society.
high resolution.
But is not real me, like this with tie and without T-shirt!


working Starting today, Planet Nicu is alive.
For starters, it agregate only two weblogs: my personal one and Romanian
Is a weird mix - half english and half romanian, but, IMO, is OK for starters.


Bianca Brad autograph Look mom! I got an autograph from Bianca Brad !

Fuck IE

myback Today, 16 January 2004, decided to give the finger to Microsoft and Internet Explorer: i will replace all the GIFs on this website with PNGs. Pages will look bad in Explorer (it can't show PNGs with alpha transparency), but i know i'm going to the standards way.
If you are still an poor Internet Explorer user, make yourself a service - replace it with something better. Here are some alternatives:
- on Windows: Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, K-Meleon, Netscape or Opera;
- on Mac: Mozilla, Camino or Safari;
- on Linux - there is in fact no replacement for Explorer because, fortunately, Explorer for Linux doesn't exist: Mozilla, Epiphany, Galeon, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Konqueror or Opera.
Any of them is better than Microsoft Internet Explorer.


working Released a clipart gallery, is SVG format, under a free license (GPL).
Is not state of the art, more a prof of concept for cliparts made in open formats (SVG is a W3C standard) with free software (Inkscape/Sodipodi).
WARNING: Do not have huge expectations, is just me learning to draw.
(go to clipart)
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