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Playing Cards

A set of SVG playing card decks I made a while ago while I was contributing to OpenClipart (OCAL), a library of freely licensed clipart images. OCAL has some issues, sometimes it worked, sometimes it won't. With the help of a Free license, the images survived on various websites, but the original version is still here.

The images were designed under a Public Domain Dedication, which was the license we initially used for OCAL. Later, OCAL changed license to CC0 (for bullshit reasons, if you ask me), my general website is published under CC-BY-SA, so use it under whichever of those licenses you see fit. Credits, links back and a “thank you” email are appreciated but not compulsory.

Made with free software (Inkscape), in a free format (SVG), under a free license. Enjoy.

Download all SVG sources as a tgz

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