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Fedora Webcomic

While I was contributing to Fedora, I got the idea for this personal project: a webcomic about Fedora, the distro, the community, and FOSS in general. I consider it somewhat of a failure, it didn't attract the audience I hoped for. Maybe it was the quality of my humor, the quality of graphics, the choice of subject, the lack of marketing… It doesn't matter any more.

It started in April 2008 with simple (and, honestly, ugly) graphics and one month later, in May 2008 came a serious facelift, with a different set of graphics, modular elements, full colors and such. I published weekly edition for a full year, until May 2009, then decided to top. Some friends required more, so I published once in a blue moon some more one-shots, the very last one in November 2012. About around the time when I completely stopped contributing to Fedora.

The comics were created with FOSS (Inkscape), in a free format (SVG) and with a free license (CC-BY-SA). On my old site I made available them both as PNG and SVG, now I include only the PNG (SVG is available in a backup) for better readability.

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